Having the privilege of being a part of Lauren and Kenny’s wedding day was moving for a million reasons. However, the combination of old traditions in a new place was especially poignant.

Destination Weddings are special. They allow a couple to share a new place or a special place with their friends and family as they embark on the journey of building a life together. Being outside of one’s own country caters to the unique opportunity of exposing oneself to new cultures and traditions, while still holding on to those that are set in our hearts.

Lauren and Kenny chose beautiful Costa Rica as the place for their luxurious destination wedding based off it’s breathtaking beauty, stunning views and relaxing Pura Vida mentality. Who can blame them?! Those reasons, working hand-in-hand with the beauty of the Parador Hotel in Manuel Antonio, made for an incredible day for the bride and the groom, their guests and those of us who had the pleasure of helping the wedding party look their very best.

For Lauren and Kenny, getting married in the picturesque backdrop of Manuel Antonio was the perfect setting to incorporate the African tradition of Jumping the Broom. Jumping the Broom is a ceremonial act born in Africa. The tradition had significant importance during the time of slavery in the United States, as slaves were not legally allowed to marry. To signify their love and bind the union, African Americans would jump over a broom — hence the tradition. In short, Jumping the Broom is a tradition that represents so many powerful parts surrounding the perseverance of love.

Meeting with Lauren and her bridal party on the morning of her wedding day set the tone for the entire event. Lauren glowed throughout the entire process. The addition of her birdcage veil served as the final touch for this absolute beauty of a bride. The joy of the day was captured by the incredibly talented photographer, Megan McCullor. You can find these stunning images and Megan’s own account of Lauren and Kenny’s day here. Or see at Facebook here.

The talented team here at Mademoiselle Salon was more than happy to help the couple and their crew look and feel their best in the sometimes challenging tropical climate. As experienced hair stylists, make-up artists, nail technicians and beauticians, we have have the privilege of working all around the world and styling clients from all different backgrounds. With that background in mind, we are always thrilled to work with any skin tone and any hair type — no matter what the occasion! This experience, combined with the best quality brands and products, help us at Mademoiselle Salon provide the best service and most beautiful result.

So, if you’re interested looking your best for a wedding that unites classic elements of timeless tradition with the natural beauty of a new place — look no further than Mademoiselle Salon.

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